As Australia continues to burn during this vicious bushfire season, many communities and their constituents are making the link between the extreme fire weather and climate change.

There is a growing call for the Commonwealth Government to declare a climate emergency and take greater action towards addressing climate change. People are calling on government for policies to reduce carbon, and mitigation actions to protect our communities against the extreme weather that is a consequence of a heating world.

What is “Climate Positive”?

Government is responding slowly, but business is adapting quicker. Where there is risk there is also opportunity, and wineries on the Shoalhaven Coast are looking to create “Climate Positive” experiences to offer the growing proportion of customers who want to make a difference through their consumption.

Climate Positive means that the experience or product has a positive impact by ultimately sequestering carbon; the more people consume the product, the better outcome for environment, sustainability and mitigating climate change.

Environmentally conscious visitors

Pip Glover from the Shoalhaven Coast Wine Association notes that, “We know that there is a set of people internationally who are looking to book experiences online where they can be sure that their money is going to give them a good travel and holiday experience and contribute to addressing environment and sustainability issues like climate change.”

Pip describes how working with the State Tourism body, Destination NSW, the members of The Shoalhaven Coast Wine Association have been innovating to create such experiences and advertise them online to attract the environmentally conscious dollar.

Our “Climate Positive Weekend” package

Mountain Ridge Wines, a Shoalhaven Coast winery is one of those that has created a climate positive experience. Tom Davies, owner of Mountain Ridge Wines, a climate warrior and motor vehicle enthusiast describes their offering.

“We are excited to be able to offer a climate positive weekend away. We have teamed up with Paperbark Camp, Jaunt Motors and Jaguar to deliver, the first of its kind – a Climate-positive weekend. This means there will be a net positive outcome for the climate – carbon will be sequestered, and the environment benefits.

We have teamed up with Paperbark Camp, Jaunt Motors and Jaguar to deliver, the first of its kind – a Climate-positive weekend.

“The weekend will consist of a pickup from the local train station in the Mountain Ridge Limo, a First Edition Jaguar I-PACE electric car, followed by lunch or dinner at Mountain Ridge Wines. Once the climate conscious couple have enjoyed their meal, then they get familiarised with the Jaunt Motors electric Land Rover to take away on their sustainable weekend. Finally they stay in Paperbark Camp, a luxury eco tourism resort before travelling back to return the electric Land Rover.”

Tom declares, “We are working hard to reduce the carbon emissions from the package, and will offset any surplus through tree planting programs locally. We hope this is a good business decision and we can exploit this emerging business opportunity as well as addressing climate change.”

Mountain Ridge would like to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land we gather upon today. We acknowledge their continuing connections to the land, culture and community. We pay respect to Elders past, present and future.