We Invest in Nature

Nature provides the ecological foundations upon which we build our societies; we invest in nature as part of making Mountain Ridge better every day.


Nature is, 

“….the phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations; the physical force regarded as causing and regulating these phenomena……..” (Oxford Reference Dictionary referenced 2024).



Mountain Ridge, along with all business, relies on Nature. Nature enables our food and beverage production and our hospitality experience. It is vital that Nature thrives, so we can thrive too.

“The planet is experiencing a dangerous decline in nature. One million species are threatened with extinction, soils are turning infertile, and water sources are drying up.” (UN Environment Program, 2024)

This is clearly something we can’t let happen, for so many reasons; so we’ve been doing something about it, and now we are scaling.

At Mountain Ridge we are part of the global movement taking practical action to turn the tide and achieve the global goal of “Nature Positive by 2030”.


A Global Goal for Nature – in parallel to the UN Climate Convention’s “net zero” emissions goal – is our guiding light in securing a nature-positive world by 2030.

Over the course of the last seven years we have been continually investing in Nature.

We have regenerated the land at Mountain Ridge, by re-wilding parts, and striving to strike a sustainable balance between contemporary farming and nature. We have witnessed the return of wildlife and have created a thriving and abundant place. We will not stop investing in Nature, rather we are increasing our initiatives and continually innovating to thrive in the Ecological Revolution.


Before: Our paddocks were weedy and wet, having been cleared many years ago for timber and then cattle farming, before being neglected. We tested a method learnt from the Mulloon Institute, digging trenches along contours and planting out the spoil with native vegetation; it has grown.

After: We have created nature havens  in the paddock, which we join up to create nature corridors. The paddocks benefit from increased hydration, and there is a net benefit for the farm; win:win. The test worked, and so we scaled this along the whole contour and we continue to regenerate using this method.

Freshly planted trees in Mullon section 1
After 1

Before: Young trees (saplings/tube stock), need care and attention to establish. These trees were planted by Canberra Grammar School children as part of a program we created with them to help children understand climate change and what they can practically do about it.

After: Two years later the trees have grown up and provide a haven for all sorts of species. The land in front of the trees has better soil moisture, and the grass behind is protected from the evening sun making better pastures. The trench behind is typically wet, and is home to frogs, lizards and snakes; the paddocks are alive!

Kids doing gum tree replant
After 4

Before: We re-constituted a creek. Years ago there was a creek here before the land was cleared for farming. The water still found its way through the paddocks, but made it wet and muddy. We saw a better way, balancing contemporary farming with nature.

After: The creek now flows and has a series of pools that provide habitat and water for species. The frogs were the first to come back, bringing their rythm to the paddock. Soon we noticed more and different calls, and then birds, and more insects. We discovered that nature recovers well, partcularly if you give it a helping hand.


At Mountain Ridge we have:

  • Planted more than 2500 trees
  • Regenerated a creek and protected our waterways
  • Educated and inspired 1000 plus children to take Climate Action
  • Created habitat for wildlife
  • Encouraged the return of natives and dissuaded invasive species….
  • Invested in Innovative products to improve our production and consumption impacts
  • Created a Beer for Nature, and started an initiative to scaling our Nature investments and connect to the “Ecological Revolution”.


Now we are increasing our efforts, we need more land to regenerate, we need more resources to escalate; so we have aligned with and support:

Land for Wildlife

The Great Eastern Ranges Project

To scale and accelerate our action, we are holding Nature Symposiums to connect others taking similar action, join our initiatives and scale together to enjoy this global transformation.


Lets get on and enjoy making this remarkable period of history – The Ecological Revolution.


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